Electronic unit injector (EUI)
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Electronic unit injector (EUI)

Electronic unit injector (EUI)

The electronic unit injector (EUI) was developed by Delphi in the 1990s, for use in large diesel engines, to cope with the problem of increasingly stringent restrictions on exhaust gases. The EUI system includes full electronic control with variable injection, used in order to reduce noise. At the same time, sensors around the engine feed a continuous stream of data to the ECU, which calculates the exact amount and timing of fuel injection.

Distinctive advantages of Delphi

  • Advanced injection technology designed for use in high-performance diesel engines.
  • A high-pressure pump and an electronically controlled injector in one unit.
  • Two high-speed actuation valves for precise injection control.
  • High-pressure injection to optimize combustion conditions.
  • Significant improvements in emissions, fuel efficiency and performance.