Components of Green Power diesel systems
Wholesale supplies of auto parts for diesel
fuel injection equipment.
Official dealer of BOSCH, DELPHI, AZPI.

Components of Green Power diesel systems

Components of Green Power diesel systems

Shandong Xinya Green Power Fuel System Co., Ltd. is a high tech enterprise which was jointly formed by Shandong Xinya Industrial Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Green Power Technology Co., Ltd.. The company specializes in R&D and production of diesel high pressure common rail fuel systems and related components. The company owns Shandong Xinya Green Power Wuxi branch and GREENING POWER INC. At present, main products include single-cylinder (air-cooled and water-cooled) common-rail system products, heavy-duty diesel common-rail system products, common rail injector assemblies for commercial vehicles and construction machinery, common rail connector, common rail assembly, common rail electromagnet and so on.

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Distinctive advantages of Green Power

  • Only facility in the world that manufactures brand new Bosch, Denso and CAT injectors, as well as Delphi control valves.
  • The performance and quality of items are 100% interchangeable with original components.
  • Guarantee of product quality, thanks to modern production technologies.
  • The parts have high machining accuracy and long service life.
  • Strict quality control during production.
  • Reasonable prices.
Spray nozzles of the BOSCH series
Green Power applies the most advanced manufacturing technology and fully manufactures atomisers for Common Rail injectors.
Valve of the BOSCH series
Green Power has 3 valve assembly lines, offering product quality assurance through state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.
Injectors of the BOSCH series
Series 110 and series 120 are now on the market, which are mainly used for Cummins engines, heavy trucks, light trucks and passenger vehicles in Europe and the United States. Appearance, structure, performance and other aspects of Bosch injectors in the company are identical to the original manufacturer’s, which can directly replace the original machine injectors.
Spray nozzles of the DENSO series
Denso nozzles have three grades: G2, G3 and G4. The G2 nozzle number starts with DLLA, the other two start with G3 and G4 respectively. The higher grade is, the closer year of vehicle models is, so its nozzles and injectors are also more expensive.
Injectors of the DENSO series
Denso injectors are mainly used for the Japanese pick up vehicles, SUV, engineering machinery and American agricultural machinery, they are G2 injectors and G3 injectors by nozzle grade (G4 are now being developed). At present Denso series, top 1 sales, have the largest market among other series. Based on the original structure of Denso injectors, technical team changes the filter element at the injector inlet into the filter strainer to improve the durability of injectors, which greatly enhances the injector’s own ability to filter impurities.
Injectors of the CAT series
CAT series injectors are all used for CAT engineering machinery, no passenger vehicles: 320D(C6.4), Perkins(C6.6) and C7/C9 series. In 320D and Perkins series, the new product, pioneered by the Green Power technical team who improves Bosch’s structure to apply to CAT injectors, which promotes the performance and maintenance economy of the injectors. It has been widely praised worldwide since the product came out for more than 4 years.