Components of WABCO diesel systems
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Components of WABCO diesel systems

Components of WABCO diesel systems

WABCO, an American company founded in 1869 and recognized as a global leader in the production of braking systems for commercial vehicles, ensures safety and increases the efficiency of vehicles. Currently, as part of the ZF Friedrichshafen AG group, WABCO is actively expanding its technological horizons, providing the global market with advanced solutions in the field of safety and vehicle management. The company offers innovative technologies that not only enhance safety but also contribute to improving the economic efficiency of motor transport. WABCO's product range includes integrated braking and stability control systems, pneumatic suspension systems, as well as transmission management systems. All company products meet international quality and safety standards, which confirmed by the corresponding certificates.

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Distinctive advantages of WABCO

  • Leading manufacturer of braking systems.
  • High-quality products.
  • High productivity.
  • The products have undergone thorough testing and meet the highest safety standards.
Fittings are reliable and high-quality components necessary for connecting and sealing pipes, hoses, and other elements in the pneumatic brake systems of commercial and freight vehicles.
Filters specially designed for vehicles with air suspension and braking systems. They intended for the effective removal of contaminants such as moisture, oil, dust, and other solid particles from the air stream.
Junction head
Coupling Heads play a key role in the braking system, ensuring a reliable connection between its components, such as brake cylinders, valves, sensors, and pipelines. They are critically important for maintaining pressure in the pneumatic system and regulating the braking pressure in the vehicle's wheels.
Repair kit
Repair kits allow for reliable and efficient maintenance and repair of key vehicle components such as brake systems, suspension, and control systems.
The modulator precisely and stably controls the brakes by monitoring and adjusting the pressure in the system. It optimizes brake performance, enhances vehicle handling, and stability on various road surfaces. Wabco modulators used in ABS, ASR, and EBS systems.