Components of WEIFU diesel systems
Wholesale supplies of auto parts for diesel
fuel injection equipment.
Official dealer of BOSCH, DELPHI, AZPI.

Components of WEIFU diesel systems

Components of WEIFU diesel systems

Weifu Group is one of the leading suppliers of automotive components in China and supplies its products to both the domestic and international markets. The company also actively invests in research and development, aiming to create innovative technologies and products for the automotive industry. Weifu Group has several factories and research centers located throughout China.

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Distinctive advantages of WEIFU

  • Wide range of products.
  • The price for a wide circle of customers.
  • The quality of the product meets the BOSCH standard.
  • The products are made from high-quality materials.
  • The company constantly implements new technologies and innovations in its products.
Spray nozzles
WEIFU spray nozzles are manufactured using advanced technology and strict quality standards to ensure optimum performance and reliability. They are suitable for various engine types and provide efficient fuel atomization for optimum engine performance.
Plunger couple
Development of an innovative method for manufacturing heat exchange surfaces has allowed a significant increase in heat exchange efficiency and reduced energy consumption. As a result, the plunger couple has high heat transfer and corrosion resistance. In addition, it has compact dimensions, which allows saving space and improving the overall performance of the system.
Pressure valve
The pressure valve WEIFU is used to regulate the flow of gas in engine systems, such as turbochargers and injection systems. Thanks to its design and materials, they have a high degree of wear resistance and can be operated in heavy conditions.
Undergo strict quality control to ensure high reliability and long service life under high pressure and temperature conditions. Participate in the fuel combustion process in the cylinder, controlling the amount of air entering the cylinder. This optimizes the fuel and air mixture, reducing emissions and improving engine efficiency.