Components of ZEXEL diesel systems
Wholesale supplies of auto parts for diesel
fuel injection equipment.
Official dealer of BOSCH, DELPHI, AZPI.

Components of ZEXEL diesel systems

Diesel systems for Japanese, Korean (and some European) cars, construction and special equipment, are produced under the brand name Zexel. The history of Zexel brand, owned by Robert Bosch, dates back to 1939, when the production of high-pressure diesel fuel injection pumps was established at the Japanese company Diesel KiKi with the help of German specialists under a German license. In 1990, the company became Zexel Corporation and in 2000 was reorganized under the name Bosch Automotive Systems Corporation (RBAJ).

Distinctive advantages of ZEXEL

  • Strict quality control during production.
  • A wide range of auto parts for the aftermarket and repair shops.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Quality assurance.