Components of BOSCH diesel systems
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Components of BOSCH diesel systems

Components of BOSCH diesel systems

Bosch's direct injection systems have made diesel engines not only sportier, but also more economical. As a leading manufacturer of the diesel injection systems, Bosch supplies diesel engine components to manufacturers worldwide.

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Distinctive advantages of Bosch

  • Strict quality control during production.
  • Quality assurance. BOSCH gives a guarantee for every part produced.
  • A wide range of auto parts for the aftermarket and repair shops.
  • Reasonable prices. Despite the popularity of the brand, the manufacturer tries to maintain reasonable and competitive prices, which makes Bosch components affordable for everyone.
In-line diesel fuel injection pump
Better cylinder performance with lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions are guaranteed: The Bosch In-line diesel fuel injection pump is used in commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery and stationary engines.
Common Rail fuel injection system pump
Always ensure a constant supply of fuel with the required accurate injection level, regardless of the situation on the road: The Bosch Common Rail fuel injection pump compresses fuel up to 2700 bar and delivers the required amount with high precision.
Common Rail fuel injector
Quiet, high-efficiency combustion in any traffic situation is guaranteed: The injector of Bosch Common Rail fuel injection system injects fuel with high precision directly into the combustion chamber.
Unit injector system
Maximum power and fuel economy guaranteed: The Bosch unit injector system is an injector assembly with holders, an integrated high-pressure pump, providing pressure of up to 2200 bar in the injector spray nozzle for an optimal air/fuel mixture.
Plunger and barrel assembly
Be assured of high performance for hundreds of thousands of miles: Bosch plunger and barrel assemblies consist of a pump piston and a cylinder made using particularly high-quality production methods and material.
Shut-off valve
For guaranteed peace of mind: Bosch shut-off valves are made with very high precision, using premium materials, both of which are essential requirements for one of the most stressed components of the injection system.