Components of DELPHI diesel systems
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Components of DELPHI diesel systems

Components of DELPHI diesel systems

Delphi Technologies is one of the few developers and manufacturers of the control and power systems for diesel and gasoline engines. Delphi Technologies occupies a very significant share in the market of diesel systems in heavy and passenger vehicles. Our power systems are installed on approximately 25% of trucks and 15% of passenger vehicles.

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Distinctive advantages of Delphi

  • Delphi has original technology and knowledge about the maintenance of diesel systems.
  • The products are characterized by high performance that meets today's stringent emission requirements.
  • Unmatched cost-effective diagnostics will allow you developing your own business.
  • Delphi deals with 25 original equipment manufacturers and has over 60 years of experience with diesel systems.
  • All products comply with the specifications of the original components and are characterized by precision and high reliability.
Electronic pump sections
With higher power, Delphi electronic pump sections outperform mechanical pumps and exhibit higher performance in high-pressure applications.
Electronic unit injector (EUI)
The electronic unit injector (EUI) was developed by Delphi in the 1990s, for use in large diesel engines, to cope with the problem of increasingly stringent restrictions on exhaust gases. The EUI system includes full electronic control with variable injection, used in order to reduce noise. At the same time, sensors around the engine feed a continuous stream of data to the ECU, which calculates the exact amount and timing of fuel injection.
Diesel injectors
Tested to meet original equipment standards for speed, accuracy and efficiency.Guaranteed emission reductions.

Use the special app to check if your Common Rail injector has been repaired by an authorized Delphi Service Center using genuine Delphi parts.
Diesel particulate filters
As a result of the continuous tightening of the emission legislation, the demand for cleaner, greener and more fuel-efficient vehicles continues to grow. Diesel particulate filters, or DPFs, will help to ensure these qualities, effectively removing particulate matter and soot from diesel engine exhaust gases.
A new stage of formation
Today, Delphi Common Rail systems create a reputation for diesel engines as efficient and powerful equipment. Common Rail is a fuel injection system that meets stringent emission control standards. It includes a high-pressure pump, injector, rail, filter and ECU.